Spring Clean

Can you be the fastest at putting your things away?


How to play

Get moving!

  • Ask an adult what jobs need doing
  • Try and do them as fast as possible
  • How many of your toys can you put away in 20 seconds?
  • How many clothes can you get in the washing machine in 30 seconds?
  • How many other ideas can you come up with for your spring clean?
  • Why not make a list and tick them off when you’ve completed them?


You can make this more competitive by setting a timer. Try and tidy as much as you can in 20 seconds!

Why not try?

Suitable For All ages

Time taken 20-30 minutes
You will need
  • Household items
Safety Make sure there is nothing in the room that could trip you up!
Challenge Can you remember where all your items go when you tidy them away without asking an adult?

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