Science Experiment

Let’s discover!


How to play

Let's feel your heartbeat!

  • Sit quietly on a chair
  • Now feel your heart beating (your pulse) by placing your finger on your wrist just below the bottom of your thumb or putting your hand on your chest
  • Count how many times your heart beats in 10 seconds
  • Now get up and shake up your body for 5 minutes
  • You can run around, do star jumps, hop on one leg, skip around the house, climb the stairs 5 times or make up your own exercises!
  • Now stop, sit down and count how many times your heart beats in 10 seconds
  • What has happened? Can you explain why your body has changed?
  • What else do you notice has happened to your body? How did it make you feel?


Your body is amazing! What do you notice happening in your body if you shake it up?

Why not try?

Suitable For Ages 9 - 14

Time taken 20-30 minutes
You will need
  • A timer, stopwatch or phone timer
Safety Make sure you have enough space to move safely around the house
Challenge You could ask other children or adults in your family to time this activity for you!

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