Scavenger Hunt

Can you be the fastest at finding your items?


How to play

Get hunting!

  • Ask someone in your house to set you a mission!
  • They need to make a list of 10 things that are in your house
  • Find all the items on their list
  • Can you find everything on your list before anyone else in the house?


Anyone can do this - All children in the house could each play, trying to be the first to find everything on the list!

Why not try?

Suitable For Ages 6 - 14

Time taken 20-40 minutes
You will need
  • Pen and paper to make the list
Safety As with any activity consider the space and make sure you have enough room that is free of sharp edges
Challenge Why not try writing each letter of the alphabet on post-it notes/small pieces of paper and stick them around the house. Then collect the letters in alphabetical order!

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