Put on a Dance Show

Keep dancing!


How to play

Start dancing!

  • Put on some music
  • Make up a dance routine!
  • You could twirl around, wave your arms and clap your hands
  • Practice until you can remember the steps and put on a show for your family!


You can make your own music using things from around the house!

Why not try?

  • Dancing with someone else in the house
  • See if you can use every part of your body in the routine
  • For parents and children over 13 years of age: Filming the activity on your phone and see what other families are doing. You can post on Twitter @JoinUsMovePlay or Facebook #JUMPAtHome
Suitable For All ages

Time taken 20-60 minutes
You will need
  • Some music to dance along to
Safety Be sure to move any furniture out of the way!
Challenge Can you remember the whole routine and do the dance for your whole family?

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