Keep it off the ground!


How to play

Let's juggle!

  • Put one ball in one hand and another ball in another
  • Throw one ball up in the air, and pass the other ball to the now empty hand
  • Try to catch the ball that’s in the air with your spare hand
  • Do the same again
  • How long can you do it before a ball drops on the floor?


This is quite tricky! You might want to start by using only one ball, passing and throwing it from one hand to the other. When you get the hang of it, bring in a second ball!

Why not try?

Suitable For Ages 9 - 14

Time taken 20-40 minutes
You will need
  • 2 small balls - or things that can be used instead of balls, like a pair of rolled up socks
Safety Make sure the balls you use aren’t too big or heavy!
Challenge Can you juggle with more than 2 balls?

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