House Race

How fast can you run?


How to play

Get going!

  • The main aim of this activity is to win the race!
  • First make a start and finish line
  • You can use big bottles filled with water as weights to carry when you race
  • Now race to the finish line with a bottle in each hand!


Everyone can be involved in this activity! For a competitive game you will need teams and you will race each other whilst carrying bottles filled with liquid. For a solo game you can challenge yourself to complete the lap faster each time than before!

Why not try?

Suitable For All ages

Time taken 20-30 minutes
You will need
  • Big plastic bottles e.g. Milk or juice bottles
Safety You will need a lot of space for this so make sure it’s safe to run in the house!
Challenge Have fully filled bottles as they are harder to carry - or try two!

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