Get Skipping

Can you be the best skipper out there?


How to play

Get moving!

  • Find something to use as a skipping rope (like a dressing gown tie)
  • Start skipping in one place
  • How many skips can you do without stopping?


You can make this more competitive by setting a timer. Try and skip without stopping for 5 minutes!

Why not try?

Suitable For Ages 6 - 14

Time taken 20-40 minutes
You will need
  • Skipping rope or something like a skipping rope (dressing gown tie)
  • For the harder challenge (below) you will need:
  • 21 to 27 plastic bags
  • Strong tape e.g. duct tape
  • Scissors
Safety Make sure you have enough room to skip!
Challenge Why not make this harder by making your skipping rope out of plastic bags? Cut the handles and seamed ends off the plastic bags. Open each of the individual bags up to form a ring. Place one bag through the ring of the other bag. Pull the top ring over and the other ring under and pull so that they form a knot. Make the knot as small as possible. Once you have done this tape 3 together at one end. Begin to plait the bags adding on more of the knotted rings to make it longer. Once you have made it as long as you want tape the other end to make another handle - Then skip!

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