Build a Den

Can you make a secret home?


How to play

Get building!

  • Choose somewhere inside your home where you would like to build a den that has a table
  • Using bedsheets drape these over the table so that the sheets hang down to touch the floor and you have made a den
  • Fill your den with blankets and cushions
  • You can make a den almost anywhere in your home. Why not try using one of these instead of a table: 4 chairs, between 2 sofas or bottom bunk of bunk bed
  • See how many places you can make a den in your home!


Everyone can help decide where to make the den and how the den should look. Those that cannot help in making the den can enjoy sitting inside the den once it has been made

Why not try?

Suitable For All ages

Time taken 20-40 minutes
You will need
  • Sheets, blankets and cushions
  • Furniture to drape these over (table and chairs)
Safety As with any activity consider the space e.g. may need to move tables and chairs
Challenge Build a larger den! Can you make tunnels out of cushions to get to your den?

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