Let’s move and play every day, to help us be happy, healthy and have lots of fun!

Whilst you are at home, it is important for you and your family to keep moving as best you can. This is because moving and playing helps people to be happy, healthy and sleep better. We know it can be difficult to think of things to do whilst being at home all day – so we want to help!

Join Us: Move. Play with these fun, simple indoor activities to keep your children entertained. Keep having fun with #JUMPAtHome.

The activities



  • Ask an adult to help you make a safe space to move and play
  • Make sure you avoid things that could hurt you or get broken
  • Feel free to swap or change activities if you can't do them
  • Just move, play and have fun and colour in your stars!


  • Help children to move and play at home by clearing some space
  • Keep them safe and clear away sharp or breakable objects
  • Encourage your family to do an activity each day for at least 20 minutes
  • Joining in with children is a great way to have fun together!

Can you help?

We need your help to make JU:MP@Home bigger and better!

JU:MP@Home was specially created for children and their families in North Bradford, to support being active at home and having lots of fun.

We would like to know:

  • How lockdown has affected your family
  • What you think about being active at home
  • How we can make JU:MP@Home bigger and better in the future

You, parents/guardians/carers and children can take part by completing a survey and you may also be invited to take part in an informal individual interview or group discussion with one of our team.

If you would like to understand more about the research, please choose one of the links below.

Information for CHILDREN

If you and/or your child/children would like to take part, please email amanda.seims@bthft.nhs.uk or call Amanda on 07857 671014 and leave the name, address and telephone number of all family members who would like to take part.

If you would prefer to receive information in a language other than English, please contact Amanda at amanda.seims@bthft.nhs.uk.

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